Monday, August 24, 2009

Can you say "school needs to start??"

Crabby..ornery...impatient...let's see if there are any other good words to describe my mood this fine Monday night. Foul..that's a good one, lol...This afternoon I took the kids to my friend's house. The kids all played well together, us mom's got to chat..sounds good right? Well..when it was time to leave my 6yr old son decided He wasn't going home. Excuse me? You are 6...just exactly who do you think you are to tell ME, your MOTHER, where you will and won't go? Well HE thinks he can. So needless to say that began the battle of the wills. My will verses his will. I am pretty sure I am more stubborn, but he's right up there w/ me. He can go on and on and on....This morning he was going on about a dollar. I started counting how many times he repeated this sentence" I want my dollar." He had been going on for forever when I started counting, I got to about 40 times, he probably said it 40 time before that. For crying out loud, seriously... he just wouldn't let it go....Although I admire this strong will in my son at times, today I wanted to send him to the moon. Really. I ended up dropping him off at Darnell's sister's house.She is my hero today. Seriously, she absolutely saved me!!!! I really am crabby. I think I have pinned it down to something really stupid. I have a few things I want to do around the house, like deep clean my kitchen and bathrooms. However as easy as that sounds, I get infuritated (can't spell that obviously, haha) because w/ 4 kids..everything I clean gets undone so quickly. I guess I also need to remind myself that this summer bit the big one...I'm coming out of a really dark hole that I am not even completely sure is over with. So....the littlest things set me off. Unfortunately I am not pleasant to be around at this very moment. My apologies to my family. My kids really are the best. Jeremiah is SOOO helpful all the time. He doesn't complain, he's just awesome. My girls weeded a ton and basically did all the weeding I wanted to get done. So..I will end this blog tonight thanking God for my family and getting over myself and quit being so crabby. I think I shall go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!