Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, Isaiah's psychiatrist a few months ago said to definately go ahead and apply for SSI for Isaiah. I didn't know if we should..but once the Dr. said he needed it I went ahead and applied. Now, I have heard from various people that it can take up to 2 or 3 times of applying to get approved. WELL....God is good, Isaiah was approved! First time applying. This means we will get a monthly check and a medical card. This is absolutely from God. In so many ways, probably the biggest thing is validiation. The state of WI validates the fact that Isaiah does indeed have a disability, it's not my parenting, it's not in my head or whatever... That validation leads to the school hopefully seeing this and taking Isaiah's issues seriously, since up to this point, they have not. So what a LOAD OFF!! Thank you JESUS!!!! This also means that I can be an official stay at home mom!!! When I was trying to work and do school and deal w/ Isaiah, I felt like the world was on my shoulders. Now I can be home, take care of my family and know that finanically we are ok, and equally as important, I have a door open to us for further resources for Isaiah. I don't have to stress about trying to find a job that will work around Darnell's schedule. Although this doesn't change Isaiah's issues, I at least don't have the other things to stress me out. God knew I was at my wits end. I feel very blessed today. My children are beautiful and awesome, my husband is THE BEST, most involved father I could ever ask for. Sooo many blessings!!!!!!!