Tuesday, August 11, 2009

life stinks today

I don't think dealing w/ all of Haley's surgeries was this emotionally draining as dealing w/ Isaiah's. I sound like the BIGGEST whiner on the planet...but I don't care, it's my blog and I can whine all I want. I am bruised, I have scabs everywhere from him scratching..I am SOOOOOOOOOOO fed up. There just aren't enough words to describe how mad I am. And I don't even know who I am mad at...God? myself? Isaiah? I just have never felt this lost before. I want to run away. I am sick of changing poop pull ups. He's going to be 6 next week for crying out loud.. I know it's not his fault, none of this is..

So I'm stuck. I know there are so many other things I should be focused on, verses I could be meditating on..and on and on....but I just don't feel like it.