Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home sweet Home!

Well after 3 full days in the dells, I am happy to be home. we had a fabulous time. THe kids played and played and played!!! I have to admit, I was soo sad Isaiah wasn't there, but, when I talked to him tonight, he was in a great mood, sounded really good and is super excited that we are coming up tomorrow! This weekend, I had planned on relaxing and having fun...which I did. However, I told the kids that today(sunday) I would go on the rides..,but I did NOT realize how drained I'd feel. It's like last MOn-Wed, were pure Hell.. fighting w/ Isaiah and all that, Wed. was the worst.. then Thursday I had to get everything ready to go to the Dells.. wake up SUPER early Friday morning and hit the road! NO down time, no time to really process and deal w/ all that went on during the week. Maybe I'm just super emotional, but I feel totally drained. So this morning Darnell made some kind of remark that pissed me off.. I got all emotional, had a meltdown in the van.. so ridiculous. What it came down to is everything is just catching up to me I guess. Being overtired, busy, the emotional stress of having a child in the hospital and not having any idea what the next step will be, so many unknowns.. For me, I don't deal w/ all that very well. I tend to sorta shut down. Which I am working on.. Darnell is completely opposite, he keeps busy, So this weekend,he did everything and anyting w/ the kids while I lounged in the chairs getting even more tan. Bottom line, we had a good time, but it's good to be home. The wedding was great, the reception was fabulous, especially since my oldest son danced w/ me!!! So precious! So, I am not going to deal w/ things as they come, no expectations, especially when it's concerning Isaiah..THe kids start school 2 weeks from the summer literally flew by! I need to go to bed.. my eyes are closing..Good night!!!!!!!!!!