Friday, January 15, 2010

Girls night!

Tonight was an unexpected girls night w/ me and my girls! Jeremiah and Isaiah are at Joanie's, Darnell is knocked out on the couch.. I made choclate chip cookies. Then Savannah asked me if she could put lotion on my back and legs and arms. I couldn't say no and hurt her feelings, haha... Then we painted nails. Then Savannah snuggled up next to me and, following in her mother's footsteps, wanted to google people. LOL!!! I was supervising of course. It is sooo amazing how much kids know about the internet. scary thought! I really enjoyed spending some quality time w/ my girls. Didn't cost a penny, and the girls had fun! They are still at an age that they actually like me and want to spend time w/ me.. I need to take advantage of that more often..It's so funny to hear them talk to each other when they think no one can hear them, to ask them questions, like what they want to be when they grow up...At this point, Savannah has said she wants to be..."a nurse, Dr, lawyer, and a few other things, LOL" glad she's got ambition! Then I asked her when she wanted to get married and have kids. Her response was" well how old were you when you got married, I said 19.. she said well I want to get married then too. I said absolutely NOT! lol. Thankfully for Darnell and I were/ are very blessed that against all odds, we are still married, still in love.. however I HOPE my kids will choose to experience life, college, living on their own or w/ roommates, all that college age stuff. A mom can pray for that right? ! Well I can't keep my eyes open. It waa a good friday night!