Friday, January 29, 2010

Why am I such a facebook junkie???

Why am I such a facebook junkie? blog junkie? I wonder sometimes because there are people that just look at those things as a waste of time. The FB part, can be a waste of time, at times! HOWEVER, facebook for me, has, brought me to a place where I can connect. Not on a personal level, but for me, getting comments, staying in touch, finding old friends, is so valuable. The whole idea of "networking" is just amazing to me. A lot of people use it for business purposes, but speaking from a stay at home mom's perspective, it's my life line some days. I love to share about my family, I am proud of my husband and kids. I love to share our ups and downs, because isn't that what it's all about? If you can't share the good and the bad with your friends and family, how lonely is that? Of course it puts you out there a bit, you are vulnerable. However I have found that for me,I'm pretty much an open book. I just am made that way. I don't know how NOT to be... LOL...Blogging is an outlet for me.. I have a lot going on most of the time and if I don't get it all out of my head, I will for sure wind up in the looney bin, no joke! So I might get teased for being a FB junkie, but that's ok. For me, in this season in my life, it has brought me closer to old friends, made some new ones, given me the opportunity to share my life w/those that care to share it with me!!