Friday, January 15, 2010

random thoughts!

Happy Friday! Kids have early release today. Darnell's at the Dr. I was going to go w/him, but decided to stay home. I have a stomach ache.. not sure if it's from my meds I take in the morning or what..I watched the movie " Julie & Julia" last weekend, and I want to watch it again. It makes me want to cook/bake. I hope Darnell gets his W2's soon. I love tax season, lol... It's no secret that we live for our taxes, haha... not really, well sort of. I have soooo many things I want to buy. Some of it is just the necessary things but alot is not! I really want new clothes. But, I want to lose some weight first. Which leads me to the constant reminder that I need to start working out. I seriously have zero energy for that nonsense, lol! I did a little research I guess you would call it on anemia. The symtoms are all the things I've been feeling for months. My levels are still below normal, but are moving up. I showed Darnell what I read online, he said " I believe you when you say that being anemic makes you feel crappy" but for some reason I felt the need to show him, sort of justify why I have zero energy... he never ever makes me feel the need to explain myself, I just am that way I guess. It's like have a physical issue, plus dealing w/ depression and having to keep up w/ a family of 6 can be draining. I am extremely blessed to have a family that understands! I have a blessed life.