Sunday, January 31, 2010

Awesome Weekend!!

This weekend we have been VERY blessed! We got our tax return back. This really saves us every year! We booked 5 days at the Wilderness, we got the reservations on EBay.. get this, for a 4 bedroom Presidential suite, not even %600 for 5 days!!! We originally were going to use my bro in law's timeshare, but we couldn't get the dates we wanted, then we were going to book right thru the regular reservation desk, it was going to cost a fortune! I was hesitant and I am SOO glad I was. because ended up finding a fantastic deal on ebay. Everything is booked and paid for. SOO excited!!!!And we spoiled our kids. Something we don't get to do very often. They are already blessed in so many ways..but b/c we got more back than we thought, and because our kids are awesome, have had a rough year and well, WE love them dearly, we spoiled them! We got Jeremiah an Ipod Touch, he was thrilled, we got the girls and Isaiah the Nintendo DSI's..And I got a new camera! It felt funny spending money, but Darnell reminded me that we don't have the opportuniy very often to do this kind of thing for our kids. They are awesome!

We still are having some minor issues w/ Haley..she's had some pain issues, bladder spasms, possibe urine leaking ( which should NOT be happening!!!) and tonight her stoma was bleeding quite a bit. I'm sure she's fine, however it's still a bit nerve wracking! But for right now, Haley is feeling good, and really ok. So I will not get myself too worked up!