Sunday, January 10, 2010

Times are a changin'

Well I went to Kenosha first Assembly of God this morning. I haven't been to our church in months. I knew it was time for a change. I've known for a long time. Making a move on the other hand has been hard, especially with this last year being so rough. I have a tendency to feel the need to explain myself to everyone and want everyone to be happy with me. Well...I need to get over it. Yesterday I clearly heard the Lord telling me that today(Sunday) we needed to go to KFA.(Kenosha First Assembly). I was excited, because feel like I finally felt God release me to go. That might not make sense to some, but it does to me, lol! And the sermon was about commitment. I wasn't commited to going to churc at all this last year. I will admit that, but I also will say I had valid reasons that I have blogged about before and won't go into it again. Now, I am trying to move forward. It's a huge step. But it's exciting! I left church feeling great! I felt like God was saying " good job!" cheesy I know.. I now am praying that this transition is smooth for the kids. I think the girls will be fine, they met their new Stars teacher and are excited to go on Wed. I didn't bring Isaiah for our first time b/c I wanted to get my bearings, and make sure this was going to be a permanent move. And it is. Sooo...I am going to attempt to bring Isaiah on Wednesday night. Bringing him to church is difficult, one minute he's fine, the next he's not. So.. I am a bit nervous. But I am praying it will go well. There's a class on Wed. nights that I am excited about going to for moms. Change is hard.. Jeremiah wants to stay at RAG for Crave on Wednesday nights which I think will be good. He's being ministered to, and he's at that age where I don't want to force that change on him unless Darnell and I really feel like it's needed. So...New Year, New Church, we'll see what else God has for us!